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Areas of expertise and services provided

Geotechnical reports

  • Soil/rock boring
  • Provide reports with recommendations
  • Instrument installation, monitoring and analysis
  • Footing, caisson & pile installation observation


Soil and rock tests

  • Classification tests
  • Organic contents analysis for foundations, grading and pavement
  • Lab and field compaction tests
  • Strength and settlement tests
  • Moisture and Atterberg limits tests



  • Mix design
  • Slump, air content and temperature
  • Compressive and flexural strength tests
  • Nondestructive strength tests


  • Mortar and grout tests
  • Tests of block and brick
  • Reinforcing placement inspection
  • Grout placing inspection



  • Visual observation of tendon arrangement
  • Tendon stressing observations/documentation



  • Gradation and physical properties
  • Absorption



  • Visual observation of bolt and weld connections
  • Ultrasonic testing of welding
  • Torque tests on bolts
  • Inspection at steel fabrication plants
  • Inspection of fireproofing of steel members


  • Mix design
  • Marshall property, Rice density
  • Extraction, gradation and air void
  • Rolling pattern and field density


Existing structure

  • Evaluation after full scale load tests
  • Evaluation after small scale sampling
  • Moisture/Humidity Testing



  • Moisture barrier
  • Materials compliance


Fire Proofing

  • Thickness
  • Density
  • Bond Strength Determination


Fire Stopping

  • Through Penetration Review


Construction Documentation

  • Pre & Post-construction video surveys
  • Job progress photographs bulleted below.

ICC, PTI, AWS, ACI & MnDOT Certified Technicians Provide Special Inspections

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